Israel’s government denies its citizens will be relocated to West Bank

Israel’s new government has denied that it will relocate its citizens from the West Bank into the Israeli occupied territories, amid growing international concern about the move.

The statement by Deputy Prime Minister Gabi Ashkenazi on Sunday did not directly address the Palestinians’ demand to relocate to the West bank, which Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War.

But it added that “we have not yet decided on the future of residents of the territories.”

The government did not provide a timeframe for its decision.

Palestinians are seeking a permanent status agreement with Israel that would grant them full sovereignty over the West of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinians want to create a sovereign state within their territories, and Israel considers all of the territory its “occupied territories,” a claim rejected by the international community.

Israel regards the West as its “internal frontier,” a move that could potentially lead to the expulsion of Palestinians and even their forcible transfer to other parts of the country.

The Israeli government has repeatedly rejected Palestinian claims that it is a “state of emergency” that prevents it from taking action to evict Palestinians.

The Palestinians have accused Israel of using the “emergency measures” to justify the closure of the Rafah crossing between the West and Gaza Strip.

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