How to get an Exam on CPA portal

CPA exam portal portal will now be open on August 11.

This means the portal is available from 6pm to 7pm every day from August 11 till October 8.

The portal was started in 2017 by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Public Enterprises (MCPA), with the objective of connecting the people in the corporate world to the CPA Exam Board (CEB).

The portal offers free registration, online test preparation, and the option to submit an application for the exam.

The portal will be open from 6:00am to 9:00pm on August 10.

It has already been used by around 12,000 people.

However, this is only a small number of people.

According to the MCPA, around 70,000 CPA candidates registered with the portal in July.

The MCPA portal is also open to the public on August 8.

This is to help CPA aspirants get an exam.

The portal is currently limited to CPA students.

The students who can register with the CCA are eligible to take the exam on September 11.

The CPA Board has been working on a way to facilitate online registration of the CPEB exam.

This has been done in a partnership with the Ministry for Science and Technology, the National Council for Civil Aviation and the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority.

The government also plans to invite companies to open their offices in the country and take part in the CEPB portal.

It will also enable people from other regions to take part and test.

The government also has plans to introduce an online test service for people from all regions, including those who are unable to take CPE exams due to the monsoon.

This service will also allow the CPP to provide an opportunity for CPE candidates from outside India to avail an exam on the internet.

The CPP portal has already become the preferred portal for the CPUC exams.

The PMO said the CPM portal has been made available to all CPEs and candidates.

The PMO is also preparing for the launch of the Indian Institute of Commerce (IIC), the new portal.

According, the PMO had recently asked the CMP to begin working on the implementation of the new website.

The launch of CPA exams in India has become a big issue in the last few years.

Earlier this year, the CPS had introduced an online registration system for the examination.

But, it was cancelled by the Supreme Court.

The court had also directed the PM to submit a report on the project within 30 days.

The Modi government has promised that the online registration and examination service will be launched on August 9.

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