‘I can’t sleep’: Parents of missing teen say she was ‘out of control’

A couple of months ago, Amber Lacy, a 16-year-old high school senior from New Jersey, disappeared.

On Thursday, the first day of school, she was found dead in her home.

Her body has not been identified.

Amber Lacy’s father, James Lacy said he is still searching for answers, even after the murder of his daughter.

“I can barely sleep,” he told The Globe and Mail.

“She was out of control, not being herself.

She was out there in her own world, and I’m still trying to understand what happened.”

James Lacy is still trying a week after his daughter’s disappearance, saying he’s been left “completely baffled” by the case.

He has never spoken publicly about Amber’s disappearance and is currently living in a motel, where he works, because he’s “not comfortable” with what he’s seen in the news.

James Lagan says his daughter was “out of her element” when she disappeared and that Amber’s parents were “not caring” about their daughter’s welfare.

“They were just worried about themselves,” he said.

On Friday, Amber’s father said his daughter had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression in the past, and she was not taking medication or getting therapy at the time of her death.

The teen’s body was found at her home on Wednesday.

She had left her home at the age of 16, but her parents said they had no idea what happened to her.

The police have not provided any new information about Amber Lacey’s disappearance.

In an emailed statement, they said they were investigating the death as an “active case,” and they would be sharing more information as it becomes available.

In the past two weeks, Amber has been seen wearing a white T-shirt, black jeans, a white hoodie and white boots.

A friend who spoke with her in February said she appeared “normal.”

“She just had a lot of energy, she wasn’t acting like a teenager,” said the friend, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear for her safety.

She has also had a new haircut.

James Lacey says Amber’s mother, Kelly, also lives in the house with him, and they’ve been close friends since they were children.

Kelly Lacy says Amber was upset about something in her life, and Kelly took Amber to the gym twice a week, but she said Amber never had any issues with her.

“We’ve never really been in a relationship, but we’ve had a few conversations about it,” she said.

“And that was a couple of weeks ago.

And that’s when I knew something was wrong.”

Kelly said she had never seen Amber for about a month, and had not seen her since February.

She said Amber would usually play video games and play a game on her phone.

Kelly says Amber did not have any plans to go to college, and when asked why, Kelly said, “Because she didn’t want to be on the school bus.”

Kelly also said Amber had recently started taking an anti-anxiety medication.

Kelly said Amber was a “smart” girl, who was interested in music and math.

“She had some kind of a thing going on with her mother,” she added.

Kelly also says Amber had been going out with a group of friends to a music festival called Electric Daisy Carnival, but it was not confirmed whether Amber had attended the festival.

Kelly and Amber had a “special bond,” Kelly said.

“It was very special.”

Kelly and her husband, Scott, moved to New York City in January and are looking for a new home for their daughter.

They say they don’t want Amber’s body to be found, as they have “no doubt” that she is alive.

We’re in a bad spot, Scott said.

We’re going to be in a legal fight.

“In a statement released Friday afternoon, the police department said Amber’s death was ruled a homicide and that they have been working with the district attorney’s office and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The city says Amber died from “a drug overdose.”