Audit CPA exam scores are up 1.3%

CPA exams for CPA jobs are up in Arizona, Arizona State, Arizona University and other top states, according to a new analysis of job search data.

Arizona State’s exam is the most popular and the largest for job searches, according a report released Monday.

The highest percentage of job seekers were found in Arizona.

The national average was 1.35 percent, with all states showing improvement over last year.

The state with the largest gain was Florida, which saw the largest jump in jobs from the previous year, with an increase of more than 10 percent.

The data is based on data from the National Center for the Census, which tracks unemployment and is run by the National Association of Realtors.

The study, which looked at the number of CPA applicants who applied for jobs in the first five months of the year, found that jobs were opened for about one-third of all applicants who took the exam in 2018, the most recent year available.

Arizona, which had a smaller percentage of CPP exam applicants in 2018 compared to last year, saw the biggest jump.

The report comes as CPP exams are set to start for the first time this year, and as some employers have begun to ramp up their hiring for the exam.

Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey has signed legislation to open more than 3,000 new CPP jobs in 2019, and the state will soon open nearly 4,000 positions for the 2019 CPA examination.

Arizona State’s test was the most-popular CPA test in 2018 with about 12,000 people taking it in 2019.

The University of Arizona and Arizona State have both released their 2018 exam results and are showing that more applicants were able to land jobs.

The National Association for the Realtor released a survey last year that showed CPPs had been gaining popularity, with some of the biggest increases coming in states that had no CPP-related restrictions at the time of the survey.

In 2018, more than 11 percent of CPO exam candidates took the CPP, and more than one-quarter of those took the test at the university.

The CPA Association of America reported last month that CPP sales increased 4.6 percent last year compared to 2017.