How to schedule your exam for next month

The Aicpa CPA Exam is scheduled for November 28, 2018. 

The exam is being rescheduled to accommodate the recent pandemic and has now been reschedul ed to December 20, 2018, according to a spokesperson for the CPA Society of North America. 

AICPA members and their associates can reschedule by visiting the Exam Center on the AICPA website. 

It is not the first time the exam has been rescheuled. 

In August, the exam was rescheduling due to a new pandemic. 

This year’s AICP exam is also reschedules to accommodate an additional coronavirus pandemic, which has not yet been officially declared. 

There are two reasons why the Aicp exam is reschedule ed this year: The pandemic has officially not yet hit and a coronaviruses coronaviral pandemic is expected to be declared by the end of this month. 

“The AICPa exam is scheduled to resume December 20th, 2018,” a spokesperson told Vice News. 

As of Thursday, October 4, the AISA website had not yet updated the AISC with a new schedule. 

You can find the new AISC online at the AICS website.