Prometric CPA Exam for the Global CPA Market: Key Takeaways

Prometric Corp. said Wednesday that it plans to offer the CPA exam in its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, as part of an expansion that includes the Jacksonville office and an office in Los Angeles.

The company’s U.S. sales grew 8.3 percent to $2.85 billion last year and its U.K. sales rose 9.3% to $1.4 billion.

Prometric said that it expects to launch the exam in the United States in the first quarter of 2018.

Prometeors had earlier announced that the CPE exam will be offered for free to all new hires and employees who qualify.

Prometec, which is a partner in the CPP exam, will offer the exam to new and existing CPA employees.

Promesa said it will begin offering the exam for free next year.

Promestar said in a statement that it is pleased to offer an expanded CPA examination for all new and current Prometeurs, with the first-ever exam to be offered in Jacksonville.

The new exam will include topics in accounting and finance, information technology and cybersecurity, data and analytics, information security and cybersecurity.

The CPA market has grown by more than 5,000 percent since the introduction of the CPM exam in 1998.

Prominent firms including BlackRock, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley & Co. and UBS AG are among the global firms that offer the exams.