Virginia CPA questions license from academy

More than three decades after its founding, Virginia’s CPA Academy is still looking for a buyer.

Key points:The academy’s director says he is looking to recoup money for the academy’s students’ educationWhile Virginia says its contract with the academy is no longer validVirginia has said it has not been asked to pay back $2.8 million to the academy.

The CPA is looking for the company to pay the money to students’ parents.

The academy has a contract with Virginias parent company, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which says it will pay back the money within three years.

But Virginias director of education, Peter Cope, said the company had not yet received any payment from Virginias parents.

“Virginias parent has asked us to pay all the money,” Mr Cope said.

“I think it is fair to say that it has been over two years that we have been waiting for a payment, so it is not as if we have had a very good response.”

Virginias board has not made a decision on the matter.

Virginias CPA has about 3,500 graduates and is based in Melbourne.

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