How to get a new job in Denver (again)

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a friend who had applied for a position at Denver-based social media platform Reddit.

I quickly clicked through to learn more about his background and the company he’d applied for.

He’d applied in June of this year and was looking for a full-time position.

After a brief phone call, the person told me he’d been hired.

And that’s when things started to go a bit awry.

Reddit’s application process is extremely open, and the application was a simple text field filled with a short bio.

If I had a problem, it was my job description, not my name, I was told.

I wasn’t alone.

After reading this, I went to Reddit’s website and opened an application.

I was turned away.

The application didn’t look good.

I opened a new tab, tried to sign in again, and was told it was already closed.

Reddit told me it was closed.

That wasn’t the end of it.

A few hours later, I found myself on a phone call with a representative from Reddit.

It was just another day on the job.

I asked if I could help with a few things.

They said I could be part of the Reddit team, and that I could apply to a position that would be open from April through August.

I couldn’t believe it.

“There are so many people looking for jobs right now,” the representative told me.

“It would be great to be part and help with the hiring process.”

Reddit’s hiring process isn’t nearly as open as some of the other major social media companies that I’ve seen.

The site says that it’s “not a search engine” and doesn’t have an official hiring website.

However, the site has a hiring portal that can be accessed via the website search.

I found a few spots on the site, including the one I was searching for.


The hiring process at Reddit isn’t easy to navigate.

It’s all very straightforward and straightforward in the sense that the hiring manager will tell you exactly what positions are available.

The job descriptions are simple and to the point.

There are no job titles.

It seems to me like it would be easy to fill in those and have them come up in the interview.

It would be the easiest thing to do.

The person on the other end of the call asked if there was anything else I should know about my interview.

I told them that I was a former University of Michigan graduate student.

They asked if that was true.

I said yes, that’s true.

The representative told the applicant that they were interviewing for a VP of Sales.

That’s when the conversation turned to the company’s application.

This is where things get a little bit confusing.

I had applied, and I was hired.

The following is an approximation of what happened next: The person said they would contact me within a week to discuss a position.

I called back and asked to speak with the VP of Product Development and the VP Director of Engineering.

I explained what I had done in the past year, including a successful venture capital firm and what I would like to do now.

I also told them I had started an online course.

They both seemed excited to hear my story.

I continued to tell them about how I’d been applying for jobs and found one.

The VP Director then asked if they could see my resume.

They did, and it had a few mentions about Reddit.

The next thing I knew, I had been interviewed for the position.

It wasn’t too hard to get the interview started.

They called me back the next day and explained that the VP was now the VP and I would be working with him.

They also told me that the interview would take place on April 16.

I made my way into the meeting room, sat down in a chair and told them about my experiences and how I wanted to make it as a member of the team.

They let me know that they wanted to have the VP on the team as soon as possible.

That night, they had me sign the contract.

The meeting took place at 8:30 pm and lasted a few hours.

After the meeting, I took the VP out for lunch.

They brought me food and a cup of coffee.

I ended up getting a small portion of the meal.

After I got a few bites of the food, I realized something: I didn’t really understand what I was getting myself into.

The entire experience was very confusing.

The interview process was really easy and it didn’t seem to take into account what I’d done in my life.

I felt like I was wasting my time.

When I asked what the job was, I got an answer: a part-time employee.

The role was to support the VP in the development of new products and new initiatives.

I’d never worked with a VP before.

It took me a while