‘Glee’ star Leslie Jones on how her father, musician Kurt Cobain, died

On April 9, 1994, Cobain died at the age of 41.

On the set of Glee, the singer-songwriter, who had been battling throat cancer, shared a poignant story with fans in the wake of the news.

“He was my dad,” she said.

“And he was just like, ‘You gotta get a job, get a mortgage, get some cash, buy a house, get your life together, get that life together,'” she said of Cobain.

“So I went on to get my own life together.”

Jones, who appeared in the musical as a teenage cheerleader and was the first woman to appear on the show, also shared a story about her father in which she says she was diagnosed with cancer, and it was the death of her father that changed everything for her.

“The truth is that I was diagnosed in October of 1991 with throat cancer,” Jones said.

“[I was] at the end of my rope, because I was on chemo for two months, and I had been going to the hospital every day, but it was not enough to get the chemo to work, and the chemos kept me up at night and in the day.

I didn’t have any money, and my house was in foreclosure, and there were two other people who were going to lose their homes and their houses were all on the market.”

“So, I went out there and started taking care of myself,” she continued.

“I went to the doctor, and he said, ‘There’s no way that this is going to work.

There’s no cure.

There is nothing you can do.’

So I just did whatever I had to do to survive.

And, as I started to have cancer again, I realized, I had gotten my life together.

And it wasn’t my life anymore.

And that was a shock.

I had gone from being a young girl with a really good life and a lot of money, to a woman with a life of crime.

I just went back to being me.”

Jones added that Cobain’s death also affected her family, which included her mother and her younger sister.

“There was this really powerful bond between my mother and my sister, and when Kurt died, my mother felt like she lost everything,” she told the show.

“She didn’t know where to go from here, because she had to work with him.

I mean, she was his mom, but they were both doing their thing.

And then I got that feeling that my dad had died, and that it was time to move on and be independent.”

Jones said she wanted to share her story to help other women, “because you know, I think, for some reason, there are people who are like, Oh, this isn’t a real story.

It’s just another woman telling her story, and they’re just telling it in a way that I don’t feel like I need to hear it.

It doesn’t make sense.”

Jones also addressed the recent passing of Cobains wife, Linda, and shared that she wanted Cobains family to know that she loved them and that they loved her as well.

“They are so amazing,” she shared.

“It just takes a lot out of you to lose your wife and your mom, because they’ve had a life that they’ve been trying to live, and you’ve had to deal with it all the time, and, I mean [Linda] did not understand what it was that I had going on, and so, she died on April 8, 1995, and she left us in a really horrible state. And I don�t want anybody to feel that they lost anybody or anything to be honest.”

“I just wanted to tell people that I love them, that they were amazing, that I missed them so much, and if they ever needed me, they were there,” she added.

“That was the only thing that I wanted, was to be able to share with them that, well, my dad, he loved me, and we had a great time together, and to just be able make it a better place.

And hopefully, I can inspire them to do that.”

In the wake and aftermath of Cobans death, Jones spoke with MTV News about the devastating impact his death had on her family and life.

“We’re all just grieving,” she admitted.

“Every single person that we talk to, they’re grieving.”

Jones explained that she didn’t think that her father would be so hard on her for going back to school, or even for going to college, because her mother was a college student.

“But then my mom had this huge thing going on and it just seemed like that was not happening for her,” she explained.

“Because I felt like my dad was not letting me go to college or doing the things that I really wanted to do.”

She said that her mother, who