CPA Canada’s CPA Group to Take on the Big Three in Canada’s Next FinTech Sector

Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of the growing popularity of online marketplace and freelancer services like Freelancer and Wegner, and this will be reflected in the coming months in the industry as well.

CPACANADIA, the Canada’s largest CPA Association, has announced that it is teaming up with a group of Canadian and international talent to launch a joint venture to create a digital marketplace to help CPA firms take advantage of the burgeoning technology sector.

The CPA CANADIA platform will work with the likes of CPACanada and, as well as the Canadian and US based Wegners.

The new marketplace will be comprised of a network of over 5,000 online platforms, and it will be focused on a wide range of services.

These include digital content creation, payroll, legal, accounting, legal consulting, and more.

The company has been working closely with its CPA network to develop its new platform, and has now announced that the group will start offering a number of its services in Canada on January 18, 2018.

This comes after the group announced in October that it would be expanding its services to North America as well, and that it will open offices in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver by the end of the year.

This is not the first time the CPAUSA has launched a new service in Canada, and the company has already been working with the B.C. CSA, the Canadian Association of Professional Accountants (CPA) and the Alberta Financial Services Association (AFSA) on a joint platform.

CAA CANADA is already a member of the CFSA, and will join the AFSA and CFSA Canada as well in January.

“As CPA organizations, we know the value of digital platforms that enable us to deliver better services to our members, and are looking forward to a better relationship with these new service providers,” said Paul Gervais, CPACA President and CEO.

“The partnership with CPA Canada will help us better meet the needs of our members as well.”

The CSA is a member-driven organization that is comprised of nearly 4,000 professional accountants across Canada.

As a result of this partnership, the CSA will be the largest membership organization in Canada.

With this new partnership, CAACANADA is also looking to leverage the expertise of the CAA membership to provide additional services to members across Canada, as opposed to relying on a third party to provide services to them.

“Our members will benefit from CPAcanada’s membership platform and expertise as well,” said Gervain.

“With CPA, we will have the opportunity to work with CAA members, which will help them understand their role and the services that they can expect from CAA.”

CPAFORCE, a leading international CPA consultancy, has been helping CPA companies in Canada with the development of digital tools and tools to help them better compete in the growing global online market.

In February, CPMC announced that CPA FORCE would join the CPMCA in the new platform.

“We are thrilled to partner with CPMCANADA to launch CPAforCE in Canada and to work closely with the CFASA,” said Ryan Ritchie, Chief Executive Officer and CPM.

“While our industry is changing, we believe CPA can remain the standard-bearer for our industry as we continue to focus on delivering more value to our customers and the broader market.”

This new platform will be accessible to both CPA associations, as the CMPAs and the CAPA will be able to access it on a single platform.

The platform will feature a variety of content offerings including a digital portfolio, a marketplace, a portfolio and a digital content portal.

This will help CPM CANADA, CMP CANADA and the CFAA better understand how to better engage their membership in the Canadian marketplace.

“This partnership will provide CPA ASSOCIATES with a comprehensive platform to engage with their members, as we develop the CPE’s platform and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the global digital economy,” said Daniel Leblanc, CFP.

“In turn, the membership will be better positioned to build an efficient and productive relationship with CMP, CFIA and other members across the country.

CPMFORCE will also be able connect directly with its member associations, providing them with information and resources that will allow them to better understand the business of the industry and to plan their strategies accordingly.”