Exam: CPA exam parts to be re-released for students

More than 400 parts will be rereleased in a new set of tests to help students prepare for the CPA Exam.

Students who have not taken the exams in the past may have difficulty accessing them, with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) announcing today that students may only download the parts of the exam they have been studying.

“Students who are currently enrolled in the C-PA Exam, who have completed the CPE exam, or who have a previous CPA examination exam with a score of 70 or greater will be able to access their C-PE Exam Study Guide for free starting on February 12,” UIC said in a statement.

The exam will now be available to students who have already taken the exam.

The exams have been available since February 9 and are expected to continue to be available in March.UIC also announced that the exams will now have more advanced options that allow students to access the exam study guide directly from the CPP website.

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