When you’re a little bit scared, this doctor is right there to help you out

An Indian doctor who prescribes a “respiratory drug” to patients is in hot water after his Twitter account posted images of himself with a gun, a hatchet and a baseball bat.

Dr Gopal Ramesh Kumar, who runs the Delhi-based CPA exam prep service, had earlier tweeted that he “was ready to fight” for the right to have his “self-help medication” prescribed by a doctor at his office, and that he was ready to “fight” against the “right wing” AAP government in Punjab.

His Twitter post has since been deleted, but he has been forced to defend himself on Twitter after receiving a flood of negative responses.

“I am a doctor who is trying to help people to achieve their dreams.

So I am ready to be a martyr,” Kumar wrote.”

As a doctor, I do not care about politics.

But I care about the patients I serve and they need to be taken care of,” he added.”

You cannot say that you are an AAP candidate and have no political aspirations.

You need to stand for the people and not just the party,” he said, warning that the AAP government would not be “safe from any threat” from the right wing.”

It is my duty to fight the right for the good of all of us.

I am here to help the people of Punjab,” he wrote.

Kumar is one of India’s most renowned exam prep doctors, who was the doctor who had the “self help medication” given to AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, who lost his bid for a third term in the Delhi assembly.

Earlier this month, the AAP had accused Kumar of lying about the drug, saying that the drug was for the “purification of the body” and that Kumar had said he was willing to kill anyone who “took it”.

However, Kumar’s post did not mention the controversial “self medicine” by saying that he would only prescribe it for “medical purposes”.

Kumar also had a controversial Twitter account earlier this year, where he posted pictures of himself holding a knife and holding a baseball Bat, and a tweet in which he suggested that AAP’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia could be shot by the Indian army if he tried to take the party to power in Punjab.(AFP Photo)Kumar’s tweets were widely condemned by other doctors and human rights activists, with many tweeting that he had gone too far.

Kamal Javed, the head of the Punjab Doctors Association (DPA), had also condemned Kumar’s tweet, saying he was “dangerously promoting hate speech”.

“If Dr Kumar wants to be called a doctor then he needs to respect our profession.

We are professionals.

But his tweet that he is ready to shoot any government minister is completely wrong,” Javed told NDTV.