How to get a tax bill this year: Pay your bills on time

CPA and Tax preparer, CPA Tax Software Inc., says it’s getting ready to begin the first year of a new tax season with a new, simpler tool to help its clients navigate the new tax laws.

The tool is the “Tax Preppers” tool, a digital app designed to help prepare your tax return.

“It’s a simplified tax return that has a bunch of the same features as the original Tax Prepper tool,” CPA chief executive officer David Pazder said on Wednesday.

“There are some things that haven’t changed.

It’s the same format as the old Tax Preppers,” he added.

The new tool allows clients to print their own tax return, add up their deductions, and customize it based on their specific situation.

It will be free to users of the current tax software and can be used on any income, employer, and state tax return from 2018 through 2025.

The Tax Preppers tool also is available on a mobile device.

Pazder says the tool is not designed to be used by those with complicated tax situations.

The app, he said, was created for those who have limited tax knowledge and know how to prepare their tax return on paper, but “there’s a lot of people who are ready to do this on their own.”

The new Tax Prepps tool is currently only available for those that have purchased the new Tax Prepers Premium Edition for the Apple iPad and Android smartphones, or the Android app for iPhone.

Parsing the new tool will take a few minutes, Pazner said.

The main features include:• Tax brackets are now separated by a comma (.), instead of a comma and a hyphen.• There is an easy-to-read “Tax Preparer” button that lets you customize the format and formatting for each tax bracket and item.• A new “Get Tax Return” button lets you search through all your taxes to find the one that you want to pay.• It now includes an “All Tax Returns” tab for easy access to the entire tax return for all taxpayers.

Pariands new tool, which was created as a part of a partnership with the nonprofit Tax Preparation Alliance, comes at a time when the IRS has been struggling to implement its own tax system, including a new set of complex and confusing rules for those filing their tax returns.

In April, the agency released a plan that would require some taxpayers to complete multiple tax returns to get the most tax relief.

The agency is also scrambling to comply with a deadline of Oct. 17, when it is set to cut back on how much time it gives taxpayers to prepare a tax return because of the tax season.

The deadline has become a key focus for Congress, which has raised concerns that the government could be running out of time to implement the changes.

The IRS released a memo in May explaining how it is preparing for the deadline.

In the memo, the IRS noted that the agency would have to increase its staff to handle the spike in filings this year, which is expected to push the agency’s filing rate to an all-time high.