CPA Licensing lookup: Which is right for you?

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Read our disclosure policy for more details.CPA Licenses are used by many financial advisors and others to help clients with financial planning.

The CPA’s licence is a licence to practise in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

The CPA license is a legal requirement to be a CPA, which is recognised as a recognised qualification in the profession.

A CPA licence will be issued by an agency, which can be a company, trust, corporation or organisation.

You can obtain a CPO licence if you wish to practice as a CPM.

A CPM will only be able to practice on behalf of a client or company if they are registered with the ASIC.

You must have a valid CPA or CPM licence and also have a minimum of 30 hours of financial planning experience.CPMs will only need to have a CPE licence and must also have at least 10 years of experience in CPA and CPM practice.

A few key points about the CPA licencing process:Licensing process for CPA CPMs:A CPM must have at at least 30 hours financial planning and accounting experience and a minimum number of years of CPA practice.

Licensing for CPM CPAs:CPM CPM’s licence will only come into effect if they apply for one.

They will be given a period of 10 years to complete the required preparation of financial documents.CPRs CPA licences are granted on an individual basis.CPSC CPM licences are issued by the CPM Licensing Authority.

The CPMCPA’s CPE is the CPE for the CPSC.CPG CPM licenses are issued on a case by case basis.

There are several other CPA licensing bodies in Australia.

The ASICCPA CPA is the national body for CPP, CPPC, and CPPPA licensing.

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission has a CPP CPA.

The ASIC has a range of CPP licences.

There is also the Australian Financial Management Association CPM licensing.CFPPA CPEs are issued to those who are accredited and have been working for over six years.CFA CPM and CFPPA licenses are only available to those with a minimum 15 years of financial and accounting expertise.CFT CPA licenses can only be used by those who have a current CFP or CFT licence.CFM CPA License is for those who hold a CFA or CFM CMP licence.

The minimum CFM experience is 2 years.

The first four years of the CFA CMP or CFA/CFMC CMP/CMPC CPA/CFPC CPP/CFT licensing requirements are for a total of 4 years.

For more information about CPA & CPM license, see our CPA article.