How much do cpa workers make?

FLORIDA (AP) CPA salaries vary widely, but most can command as much as $150,000 annually.

The average salaries range from $35,000 to $50,000 a year, but the top earners have the most influence on salaries, and their success often depends on how many hours they work.

Here’s a look at some of the highest-paid cpa professionals.

• FLORIGAN: The Florida Taxpayers Association represents cpa members who receive a salary in excess of $200,000.

The union represents more than 20,000 people in Florida, plus more than 6,000 in Arizona.

The organization’s president, Joe Rallie, was paid $400,000 last year.

• ARIZONA: The Taxpayers’ Association of Arizona represents cPA members who make between $25,000 and $50 million.

Its president, David E. Williams, earned $180,000 as the union’s president in 2016.

• AUSTIN: The Austin Taxpayers Assoc.

has an average annual salary of $35.1 million.

It also has an office in Austin, Texas, where it negotiates agreements for businesses and governments to help them comply with state taxes.

The association represents about 3,000 Austin business owners and government officials.

• CARSON, CA: The San Diego Taxpayers Union represents about 300,000 cpa and salaried employees who are paid at least $150 million.

The largest group is the California Taxpayers, which represents about 250,000 salaries.

The group has an annual membership of more than 5,000 employees.

• COOPER, TX: The Dallas Taxpayers-Taxpayers Association is the largest union representing salariers, but its president, Mark W. Davis, earns $75,000 from the association.

The majority of the union members are salarier workers who make $75 or more annually.

• CALIFORNIA: The California Taxpayer-Association has an estimated 2,500 members.

Its President, Scott L. Anderson, earned a total of $90,000 this year.

The biggest groups of members include employees at some 1,000 private-sector businesses, and members of the city of San Francisco’s City Council.

• TEXAS: The Texas Taxpayers Associations Association has an overall membership of 1,200 salarie and tax-exempt employees.

Its presidents earn an average of $95,000 each.

The top earners include a handful of well-paid executive assistants, senior financial planners and accountants.

• WAVE CITY, TX/LAKE HOOK, FL: The Wave City Taxpayers Alliance has about 2,000 members and a budget of about $200 million.

They are paid an average $40,000 per year.

Among the highest earners are its president and treasurer, Eric S. Rizzo, and its chief financial officer, Jim R. Martin.

• CHICAGO, IL: The Chicago Taxpayers and Taxpayers for Common Sense union has an effective membership of nearly 500,000 tax and financial professionals.

It negotiates for many businesses, including some of Chicago’s most famous.

The president, Gary D. Hodge, earned an estimated $85,000, while his assistant and treasurer are making more than $60,000 apiece.

• SAN FRANCISCO, CA/SAN DIEGO, CA, FL, MD: The Southern California Tax-Exempt Taxpayers association has about 1,800 members, including salarying and tax professionals, including a president who earns $80,000 for his service.

The most prominent salarings are the city’s senior financial planner, Brian B. Goss, and the city auditor.

• MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: About 30,000 Australian tax professionals work for the Australian Taxation Office.

The vast majority of their salaries are based on hours worked.

They represent about 2.5 million Australians.

The chief financial officers of several major Australian banks, including ANZ and Westpac, make up about 1.3 million of those members.

• MIAMI, FL/WASHINGTON, DC: The Washington Taxpayers Federation has an employee payroll of more of about 10,000 union members.

The highest paid is its president.

He earns $250,000 yearly.

• COLUMBUS, OH: The Ohio Taxpayers Network, which includes union members, represents about 7,000 local tax professionals.

Its executive director, Robert A. Kagan, earned more than twice as much in the past year as his secretary and a secretary who is on the payroll.

• ST.

LOUIS, MO: The Missouri Taxpayers Organization, which is a union of about 6,500 salariegists, represents more of the same people who work for local tax agencies.

Its chief financial Officer is paid more than