Which will be the next big Apple phone?

Posted October 05, 2018 07:07:46 When it comes to phones, Apple has had its ups and downs in the past.

It was the company that started the iPhone boom, and its stock has dropped so much that many are wondering if it might have lost its mojo, too.

But now, a new smartphone from Apple is set to be unveiled this week.

Weighing in at just under 100 grams, the iPhone XS Max is likely to be the company’s most powerful handset to date, according to the latest reports.

“The XS is a monster,” said analyst Richard Greenfield in a note to clients, according the Australian Financial Market Association.

“It’s got a powerful, premium chip, it’s got excellent battery life, it has a lot of features and has all the bells and whistles.”

However, Apple is not the only tech giant to launch a smartphone this week, with Samsung, LG and Huawei also launching their latest models.

Samsung is launching the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Australia, while LG and Xiaomi are launching their own flagships in the region.

As well as the two new flagships, Samsung also announced a few changes to its flagship phones in the US, with the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy Alpha 2.

The Note 7 will be a much cheaper alternative to the iPhone 8, with an improved camera, fingerprint sensor and faster processor.

LG, meanwhile, is introducing the LG G6, which is likely the best smartphone in the market right now, according Greenfield.

Both the iPhone and the S8 are currently the top three selling phones in Australia.

The iPhone X has already been released in Australia and is set for release in the United States in the coming days.

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